Watch One Tree Hill Season 07 Episode 18 - The Last Day of Our Acquaintance


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In getting again at Julian for sleeping with Alex, Brooke messes with the costumes for the shoot and usually does her finest to wound Julian nevertheless it takes feedback from Alex to get her thrown off the set after she punches Alex within the face. Solely later does she uncover that it was Alexander that Alex slept with as she switched rooms with Julian. She tells Victoria who's livid and it later transpires that her thriller lover is Alexander. In the meantime, Lydia takes unwell from her most cancers and is hospitalized and reaches out to the daughter Taylor however it's Quinn who manages to get her to return earlier than she dies. Elsewhere, Clay tells Katie he will not be representing her nevertheless it does not delay Katie and she or he finds out that he was married to Sara so she transforms herself to appear to be her. Lauren and Mouth almost get it collectively just for Expertise to return again to Tree Hill.

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